Tarot for the 21st Century

Neil J Biscoe
Tarot Consultant and Teacher
Psycho-Spiritual Practitioner

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This Site is always under construction.

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This Site is always under construction.

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The old image of the gypsy fortune teller using the tarot to foretell the future is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Across the world there is a new breed of tarot professionals emerging. Level-headed, intelligent people who are exploring the potential of these enigmatic cards to aid psychological understanding and promote personal growth. Tarot is rapidly being recognised as a system that offers guidance, counsel, and support to those who seek its wisdom.

As with any instrument, the results that are achieved with it are wholly dependant on the attitude, vision and capabilities of the user. My personal understanding of the tarot has developed over many years of extensive study, both of the cards themselves and other subjects that are closely related to general tarot principles.

By combining elements of Archetypal psychology, Kabbalah, Spiritualism, and Eastern philosophies such as Taoism and Buddhism; with the experience of many thousands of hours delivering consultations with clients, I have created my own blend of human sciences that is both down-to-earth and pragmatic. It is a system that is helping many people, from all walks of life, to take control in their lives and start shaping their own futures.

This site is somewhat basic, but it will introduce you to my own viewpoints mainly in regard to the tarot. Over time I will be expanding it to include areas of personal experience, beliefs, and philosophy.

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