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General Information

Just like there are a variety of ways to interpret the cards in themselves, there are also many different spreads and types of readings. Understandably, most clients are quite unaware of the range of possibilities available to them. In my view, that is principally a result of readers who are often underexploiting the diverse potentials of the tarot themselves. Too many readers find a single formula that works for them and then will keep applying the same method, irrespective of the differing needs, personalities, and requirements of their clients.

The style that most people are familiar with is the old 'end of pier' type of reading, which seems to be regarded more as a form of entertainment than anything else. The flow of these sessions is pretty exclusively one way traffic, from the reader to the client. These can legitimately be described as 'fortune-telling'. The client generally just sits there, prepared to hear an outside projection about the path of their future and then leave. They then either wait for events to unfold, or more usually, dismiss most of the content as superstitious nonsense.

This is not what most people that I meet expect these days. There is a world of difference between this old style of reading and the majority of the work that I am involved in myself. Tarot is an oracular device, and as such, it works best when we ask clear questions of it. A good consultant should be able to assist you in defining your questions clearly so you can get the best guidance possible.


A tarot consultation can sometimes be a deeply intimate and powerful experience, you need to feel comfortable both with your consultant and with their environment to get the most out of it. Currently I have two main venues that I work from, both are conveniently situated in the West End of London. They are very contrasting environments and each has its own unique qualities and selling points. I have found that the advantages and disadvantages of each place are quite changeable, usually based upon your own preferences and availability. Addresses and contact details for both are at the bottom of the page.

The lists below details the pros and cons of each venue, so you can decide which is most convenient for your situation.



Mysteries is Londons foremost New Age, Occult, and Psychic centre and bookshop. And as such it maintains that link between the tarot and its occult heritage.

Mysteries offers what amounts to a 'Drop In' booking system, which is convenient for many. It's always best to call and check my availability on days I am working there.

Because I have to work within the constraints of their pricing system and appointment timings these sessions are generally better suited to Outer Self readings. If you feel you need a more thorough session please make sure you book an hour.

This is currently where I teach most of my classes, and is a resource centre for many other services and products.

30 mins - 25.00     60 mins - 40.00

Endell Street


I share this office suite with a clinical and forensic psycholgist. Naturally, this venue is much more discreet and businesslike .
This is a much more peaceful environment, none of the usual hubbub and disturbances associated with the activities of a busy shop.

I offer all the various services here but this is my preferred venue for in-depth consultations, and the sole venue for the therapeutic side to my work.

Although these appointments have to be pre-booked I can be in this office at fairly short notice - It is always worth calling if you would like to see me here.

45 mins - 30.00     90 mins - 45.00 


The descriptions that follow are the different types of reading that I offer. These are meant only as a guideline. There are many other circumstances and situations where tarot could be helpful, most of which fit loosely under these headings, others of course, do not.
If you are uncertain whether a tarot consultation could be of help to you, please feel free to contact me with your enquiry. If I feel that tarot wouldn't be of benefit, I will be honest and tell you. I don't want to waste your money, but more importantly to me, my time.


Outer Self Readings - comment mainly on surface conditions

These sessions are aimed specifically at addressing the everyday dilemmas that we all have to deal with from time to time. Relating directly to such issues as career, business, relationships, home and family, they focus very much on present situations. This format is very good at providing clarity and fresh insights that can help clients in their decision making process.

These sessions are the shortest - usually between 30 - 45 minutes (depending on venue). I find these better if you have already had some previous experience with tarot and have a fairly clear idea what you want to focus on.

Inner Self Consultations - investigate underlying themes behind surface conditions

Invariably, as we go through an Outer Self reading, especially those that are focussing on the personal aspects of life, some deeper underlying components are uncovered. Unconscious motivation is an important factor in the ways we all behave. To investigate these fully we have to take more time. This style of consultation involves much more input from the client as we peel back the layers together in an attempt to find the root causes that may be affecting them.

I recommend this one for people who are having their first ever experience with the tarot. Lasting either 60 or 90 minutes (dependant on venue) the extra time gives us the freedom to explore situations more thoroughly.

Therapeutic Process - a much deeper process of self-exploration

Beliefs, constructs, complexes, cultural and familial conditioning, coping mechanisms that become habitual. Patterns of behaviour, repetitive cycles. 
We can't eradicate our personal history; the traumas and hurts; the victories and achievements. They will always accompany us. Through examination and re-viewing, it is possible to see them from a different perspective. As a result, we can change the way we interpret them, learning to see new potentials contained within them, and ultimately integrate them. As we do this we can have a direct effect on how they may be influencing our behaviour.

Any decision to enter into this kind of programme would be as a result of thorough discussion. These sessions are a minimum of 1 hours and cost is based on a sliding scale.

Distance Readings

One thing I feel I should state clearly here. As a rule I do not do what are commonly known as 'distance' readings, that is either by phone or online. I really believe that the most important element is missing from those formats, namely the presence of the client, and the interaction between them and myself. I also believe that those who are seeking guidance and knowledge should do precisely that, go out and seek. The amount of reward we get back from any venture is usually commensurate with the amount of effort we put into it.
My last problem with that method of reading is the anonimity that it offers the reader. It's very easy to hide behind a phone number or web address where clients rarely get an opportunity to check them out before handing over their hard-earned cash, usually in copious quantities.

Venues & Appointments

9 -11 Monmouth Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9DA

I am at Mysteries on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
First Appointment 11:00
Last Appointment 18:00

To check availability and make a booking
Call: 020 7240 3688



1st Floor Office
53a Endell Street
London WC2

I am available here all day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. On other days I sometimes see clients in the evening.

Appointments here
must be pre-booked. 
Call me directly on 07968 013049


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